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YOGA for every "Body" type and all ages. 

"Your transformation is in your own hands."

Palm Coast, FL

Celebrate the energy of the full moon with three 

Padma Yoga Teachers.

Recharge and renew with this special offering.

Only $20 per person pre-registered

Maximum 6 students in Studio

Unlimited on Zoom

Intuitive Movement

Faith Yurchak, LMT & Donna L Volpe-Nault RYT 500

Saturday, November 23

4:00pm - 5:30pm

As this class begins and the music starts you will allow your intuition to take your body into movement, It may be postures or dance like or moments of stillness within your body. Open your heart to the universe.

Donna and Faith will be in the room to assist. Both are professionals in their fields.

Donna is a teacher at Padma Yoga and Faith is a Intuitive Energy Healer and Massage Therapist.

An excellent way to take care of you!

Love Donations 


qw/ Marisa Sanders

November 16th

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Explore different levels of common postures and the many ways each Asana can be discovered in your body regardless of your experience, body type, energy level and more.

Focusing on the "FEEL" of the posture and where "YOUR" unique body moves through space is emphasized.

Props are supplied and "ENCOURAGED"! 

Bring yourself, a playful spirit and get ready to have fun and expand your practice in a multitude of ways with this amazing yoga community.

All Levels Welcomed

Cost : $20 pre-registered. $25 at door.

Micki Higgins of Padma Yoga announces the return of Keith Molyneaux

accompanied by Irene Wertley and LuAnn Day.

Musical artisans who play from the heart. Join us for this amazing event and experience the healing sounds deep within your soul. 

Returning to Padma , Sunday, March 3rd.

Early sign up before event Only $25

Keith Molyneaux is a life long musician and multi-instrumentalist with a passion for creating transformative musical experiences. Structured on science and mysticism, his music is relaxing and soul soothing.

Irene Wertley is a classically trained award winning vocalist with over 30 years of perfomance experience. As a certified wellness coach and energy healer she combines her love and knowledge of music with vibrational therapy. Her unique vocal style is both soothing and transcending.

LuAnn Day expresses a unique, spiritual sound with her crystal bowls. With 6 years of experience, her soulful expression soothes people. Many people experience deep relaxation, release of physical and emotional pain while listening to quartz bowls.

UPDATE! DALE has been home for sometime now and continues to improve everyday.   

We loved doing this benefit!

Dale is doing great in his recovery!

A Benefit at Padma Yoga!

Sunday, November 18th

1:30 -3:30


Dale and Lorraine Turner

Dale and Lorraine before they began this journey.

Dale without oxygen tubes that allowed him to breathe for a very long time.

Dale, continuing his journey recovering from the double lung transplant.

No longer requiring the oxygen tubes.

The feeding tube was taken from the nose and put into the stomach after this photo.

Look at that smile!!

Dale recently had a double lung transplant and doing very well but facing a long recovery while Lorraine is keeping everything going. 

A Community Class accepting donations to benefit these two very special Yogins who are experiencing a big challenge in their lives.

The class will be a potpourri of yoga practice beginning with centering for peace within, then Yin asanas evolving into Yin/Yang to further warm the body preparing for an all levels Kripalu / Hatha. Returning to the mat you will then enjoy Yoga Nidra to complete your practice.

(safe for all levels)

Our yoga family at Padma is extending love and positive energy for Dale's healing. They also need help in other ways. 

All are welcome and the only cost is a donation you can afford!

All donations go to Dale and Lorraine with love.

Thanking Dana Lodwick (a Padma Yoga teacher and dear friend of Dale and Lorraine) for keeping us updated)

Inviting all to join us for this very special two hour event!!

Just show up no need to pre-register

Heartfelt gratitude and love to the soul and family of the person who gave the gift of life to Dale! 

  "Yoga in Motion" Intro to Sky Styx

Saturday, June 3rd 

1:00 to 3:00pm


What are Sky Styx? They are both a hands-on tool and a fun system of fluid, energetic yet gentle movements to motivate & enhance fitness after 50.

Even with aching joints, stiff muscles & old injuries we can all learn powerful, joyful ways to strengthen, move and balance. Bring your body and mind to the mat and meet this playful, practice partner that inspires and motivates, builds confidence and unlocks greater mobility. See more at

Heart Opening Workshop

Feb. 18th, 1-3pm

Guided by Marisa Sanders

Padma Yoga welcomes Marisa Sanders back into studio for this one day only Heart Opening Workshop! Saturday, Feb. 18th, 1-3pm.

This two-hour event will include a cleansing and centering pranayama (breath), a fun, uplifting Asana (movement) practice, a guided savasana (restorative rest) and guided meditation (integration). Marisa's signature style of intuitive, joyful yoga will be present in all the elements of this awesome afternoon! All levels welcome.

The theme of "Heart Opening" will be explored through these practices, as we explore the power of this amazing, loving energy that exists within all of us, and send it out into the world.

Celebrate Love!

Invite a life partner, spouse or best friend to join you!

$25 single / $40 couple

      Register now!


with Stephen Shambach

1 - 5PM

4 CEUs

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient way of healing that integrates yoga, massage, Ayurveda, and martial arts into a dance between giver and receiver. In this workshop we will explore the foundations of Thai Yoga Massage through play and movement. We will cover some of the basic assisted yogic stretches, body mechanics, and massage techniques to give therapeutic touch to friends, family, students and/or clients. We will create a sacred space for feeling good in our bodies while giving and receiving sacred touch. We will cultivate mindfulness and compassion, deepen our connections to self and others, and explore the power of touch as tool for expanding consciousness. Leave this class with the means to offer a simple and deeply effective Thai massage sequence. This class is open to all levels of experience.

Stephen Shambach, RYT-500, is a licensed massage therapist who will soon complete his master yoga educator certification. For the past 5 years, Stephen has lead yoga classes and assisted in yoga teacher trainings in Saint Augustine, FL. Stephen has studied with master-teachers in various fields of bodywork and yoga. He is a sometimes student of Deane Juhan, author of Job’s Body, which many consider the essential text on taking massage to a level of personal transformation. Stephen utilizes his bodywork and Thai assisted-yoga skills to compassionately guide students towards body awareness, improved health, and well-being.

Stephen is available for private massages before and after the workshop.

Receive a private 1-hour session $65.

Contact Stephen directly.

[email protected]



 1pm - 3pm

Kim Friedman 

Learn how to incorporate yoga and simple daily lifestyle changes to improve your health and wellness.

Includes, postures, pranayama (breath practices) and diet to improve your immune system