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YOGA for every "Body" type and all ages. 

"Your transformation is in your own hands."

Palm Coast, FL

About Us

At Padma Yoga, we are enthusiastic about what yoga can do for our clients in the Palm Coast, FL area. We have witnessed the benefits of yoga firsthand and seen how it works to improve the mind, body, and spirit.

Our Teachers

Micki “Padma” Higgins

E-RYT 500, Professional Master Level, YACEP

Certified Discovery/Kripalu Yoga Lead Teacher - RYS 200

Certified Yin Yoga Teacher

Micki "Padma" first became interested in yoga at the age of 56 while watching an Oprah show in April of 2001 featuring yoga for stress relief with Rodney Yee. This began her personal life changing and healing journey.

What began as a "once in a while stress relief class" became a passion for the practice of yoga. Through the guidance of her first teacher, Eryn Boudreau, she began teacher training in 2003, graduating in 2004 from Discovery Yoga, St. Augustine, FL, ultimately receiving a 200 hour certification in Discovery and Kripalu Yoga from Deva Parnell.

 Since that time Micki has continued her personal growth studying with nationally known teachers and also attending many workshops and seminars. Micki has now completed her 500-hour Master Level professional certification at Discovery Yoga with Christopher Baxter and has since completed the required hours teaching to receive the E-RYT 500 status. In early 2007, Micki found it increasingly difficult to continue in her "regular" job and also teach yoga. Listening to her inner voice, she took a leap of faith and retired early at age 62 to teach yoga full time. She has never regretted that decision.

 In November 2009 Micki opened "Padma Yoga", a center for yoga, health and wellness, at 5 Utility Drive, Ste.# 15, in Palm Coast, FL 32137

 "I am always a student first, learning from other teachers and also from my own students whom I am privileged to teach and guide. Yoga has been a true transformation for me. Sharing the gifts of knowledge my teachers have given me and helping others to make positive changes in their lives through yoga is my priority.

Thanks to all my teachers who have so generously shared their knowledge.

 I extend my gratitude to Deva Parnell, Christopher Baxter and Discovery Yoga for caring and teaching me in the ways of a teacher.  

Thanks to my students, past and present, for caring about yourselves and allowing me to help you on your healing journey of yoga. I have learned so much from all of you.

And a very special thank you to Eryn Boudreau for the gentle "push" and seeing in me what I could not. I will always be grateful to you, my first teacher. You hold a special place in my heart. Namaste.'

Peace and Love to all,

Micki "Padma" 

Other Certifications Include:

***All certifications received from nationally recognized and certified professionals in their field

  • "Ayurvedic Yoga" with "Chaya" Sharon Heller.
  • "Karma Kids Yoga” with Shari Vilchez Blatt
  • "Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga" (LVCY) with Lakshmi Voelker
  • "Prenatal Yoga " with Janice Clarfield
  • Yin/Yang Yoga with Joe Barnett (Senior Teacher and assistant to Paul Grilley).
  • Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark
  • "Safe Yoga for Skeletal Health, Osteoporosis and other Spine Conditions" with Sarah Meeks
  • “Teaching and Guiding Meditation” with Christopher Baxter
  • Sky Styx & Chair Styx with Christopher Baxter

*Advanced Trainings, Workshops and Other Studies Include:

  **All have been studied with certified professionals

  •  "Myofascia, Prana and the Bandhas" with Jeffrey Shoaf,
  • "Iyengar Yoga Basics" with John Charping and Betty Larsen
  • "Advanced Postures and Hands-On Assisting" with Deb Vinyard
  • "Hip Openers", "Holding in the Postures" and "Inversions and Arm Balances" with Eryn Boudreau
  • "Mandala Yoga" (Yoga in the "Round") with Madrona Yoga in Point Roberts, WA
  • "Meditation, Pranyama and the Chakras" with Christopher Baxter
  • "Restorative Yoga with Kate Cordell
  • "Sadhana Retreat I", study of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras with Christopher Baxter
  • "Sanskrit and Hindi, Reading, Writing and Chanting" with Aradhika Webber
  • "The Art of Teaching, Level II" with Deva Parnell
  • "The Four Core Practices of Yoga" with Christopher Baxter
  • "The Joy of Living", “Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche's Meditation Training, Levels I and II” with Tim Olmstead
  • "The Spirit of Change" with Christopher Baxter
  • "Wellness as a Way of Life" with Christopher Baxter
  • "Yamas and Niyamas" with Connie Windon
  • "Yin Yoga" with Arla Larson
  • "Yoga and Ayurveda" with Beverly Segel
  • "Yoga of the Chakras" with Christopher Baxter
  • “Functional Anatomy and Restorative Yoga” with Marlyssa Sulivan
  • “Yoga Philosophy”, “Yoga Nidra” and “Chanting” with Steve Ross at Guruv Yoga in Orlando,FL
  • "Core Asanas I and II" with Christopher Baxter
  • Two Workshops on "Sacred Postures, Archetypes Through Yoga" with Chitra (Mirit) Eder-Turley
  • "Safe Yoga" with Lisa McQuade

Karen Burtnett

Discovery Yoga CYT - 500

Kripalu Tradition

Also Certified in YIN Yoga

Karen has practiced yoga since 2002. She completed Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training in May 2015 at Discovery Yoga in St. Augustine and is currently enrolled in the Discovery 300 Hour Master Level Program. Karen taught the Yoga “Basics” Class at Padma Yoga for 15 months and now substitutes for Yin Yoga. 

She is happy to be part of the yoga community and is striving to be as knowledgeable and compassionate as her many mentors, teachers and fellow yoga participants – wishing all peace, love and light …

Karen has received her Master Level Certification!

Having studied trainings below and more.

  • "The Art of Teaching: Three stages of Kripalu Yoga" w/Deva Parnell
  • "Safe Yoga" w/Lisa McQuade
  • "Functional Anatomy and Therapeutic Yoga" w/Tra Kirkpatrick
  • "Myofasciae, Prana and the Bandhas" w/Jeffrey Shoaf

Kim Friedman

RYT 500 Master Level / YACEP

Discovery Yoga (Kripalu Tradition)

Lead Teacher -  DYTT  Training at Padma Yoga

Yoga found Kim in 2008 after her husband had a heart attack. She was working at a corporate company putting in 60-70 hours a week and also traveling with the company.

Kim's first experience with Yoga was at a small studio, where the owner was Kripalu Tradition certified. Since that first class, Kim knew this was her new path in life.

In June 2014, she invested in an existing yoga studio as a partner with Yoga Circle and Dance and realized her path as a yoga teacher.

Kim started her certifications in 2016 with Discovery Yoga in the Kripalu Tradition at Padma Yoga. After graduating from the 200 hr program, she immediately started the 300 hr program at Discovery Yoga which she completed, in 2019. She then assisted Micki Higgins for two ten-month "Discovery Yoga Teacher Training" programs in the Kripalu Tradition to expand her knowledge of Yoga.

Kim has most recently completed assisting Deva Parnell, being a Lead Teacher in the 200 hr program, completing all requirements certifying her to hold Discovery Yoga Teacher Training programs in the Kripalu Tradition.

Once Kim's studio closed, she felt a strong need to serve her community.

That path became apparent when she found the Christina Phipps Foundation and became certified to teach Yoga for Cancer.

She currently volunteers to teach a free yoga class to cancer patients, cancer survivors, and caregivers at Advent Health Cancer Institute.

Her passion for giving to her community has led her to acquire additional certifications from Y4C Methodology by Tari Prinster, a certificate from Yale University in Science for Well-Being, and additionally, a certification from Cyndi Lee, Yoga International, Restorative Yoga Teacher Training. 

Linda Lee

Photo soon

Linda Lee is a Kripalu Yoga Certified Instructor (1994), and Amrit Yoga Master Teacher (2001), and a Certified Anti-Gravity Yoga Instructor (2017). She is also studying for her Aqua Yoga certification. She has diligently practiced multiple forms of yoga for fifty years and taught for almost thirty!

Linda is well-traveled and has studied with many world-renowned Yoga Masters. She draws from a blend of authentic yoga disciplines such as; Hatha, Kriya, Yin, Astanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Chair/ Special Needs, Water Yoga, and many more!

Her particular modality of teaching offers students of all levels of fitness the opportunity to explore their own body's wisdom at their own pace. With detailed guidance and assistance - students are immediately put at ease.

"Linda's classes are the most authentic I have experienced, hands down!"  KATE

Alicia Mallak

Discovery Yoga CYT - 200

Kripalu Tradition

Also Certified in Sky Styx and Chair Styx

Photo and Bio Soon

Michele Campanaro Prickett

Photo and Bio Soon

Marisa is currently attending UNF - Pre-Law full time and is not guiding classes.  We wish her success in her studies.

Marisa Sanders

CYT 200 / Discovery (Kripalu Tradition)

 Marisa started her personal yoga practice in 2005 after trying a Hot Yoga class in her home state of California. After experiencing the amazing full body high that comes after a great asana practice, she began to explore a variety of yoga classes and in 2012 began training as an instructor. 

The love of multiple yoga styles led her to obtain multiple teaching certifications in different lineages through 200 hour intensive trainings as well as speciality workshops.

 Marisa studied at Tapas Yoga Shala under master trainers Evan and Kelly Harris (Ashtanga), Deva Parnell of Discovery Yoga (Kripalu) and has continued as a student, practicing and learning under master trainer Caryn Keshner Register (dynamic core flow Vinyasa) in St. Augustine.

Amron has been working with the elderly as an assisted living companion.


We will have her return to Padma soon.

Amron Tirado

CYT 200 Discovery/Kripalu Tradition

MBSR Certified

 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Amron Tirado grew up on the Monterey, California Peninsula and has recently moved to Palm Coast, Florida. She feels fortunate to have worked in an arena of education that supported Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. 

Amron attended the MBSR instructor training with Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli, at Mt Madonna in 2008. Since then, she has had the privilege of training under numerous teachers, attending multiple day silent retreats and ever deepening her own daily practice.

 Over the last 12 years, Amron worked with and taught the healthcare and general community population, teaching 8-week MBSR courses, daylong classes, retreats and holding monthly meditation drop-ins, to encourage others to use the wisdom of the body and mind through meditation, movement, group participation, and support.

Donna is now  

opening her Kailo Yoga LLC exclusively on Zoom and is not guiding live classes in the studio.

We wish her success in this endeavor.

Donna L. Volpe - Nault

RYT 500

After receiving my Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning with Technology I came to realize that the Public School System was not where my passion for teaching was. As fate would have it at this same time I found myself entering Yoga Studio 8 in hopes that yoga would help heal my husband. Little did I know that the journey would heal all of us.

Two years after beginning our family yoga practice, I left my 11-year career and the whole family (my husband, 13 yr old son and myself) entered Yoga Teacher Training. In our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training the world that I had created, which was based on what everyone else wanted, began to fall apart and I began to explore “my authentic self” for the first time. Years of feeling off, not whole, not good enough, weak, and small started to melt away as I began the journey inward. What I found was priceless. I found that I am so much bigger, brighter, and loving than I ever gave myself credit for. I found that I am the creator of my life journey and my thoughts play a key role in that creation. I found that by slowing down, breathing and taking the journey inward, I have all I will ever need.

I currently have my RYT500 Certification, LVCY Chair Yoga Certification, and Level 1 – 4 Light Connections Therapy Certification. I believe that when we take the journey inward anything can be healed as long as we are willing to look within. It is my passion to bring these practices to all; and assist all my brothers and sisters in transforming a life of fear and stress into a life of love and compassion.

“When you’re striving and the mind has an agenda to get somewhere, the body may resist and injury may occur. True yoga starts with radical self-acceptance. You are fully present with what is, observing the self without judgment. When the body knows that the mind is kind, it will open and release.” - Richard Faulds, Kripalu Yoga Teacher in Greenville, Virginia

"I thank all of the wonderful teachers from Yoga Studio 8 and Discovery Yoga Center for guiding and supporting me along my journey."